Revolutionary eTrainer for soft skills development

Why should you try it?

EMOTIKA helps to test and train your soft skills via emotional competence (EQ). Training modules include self-development, leadership and management, sales, negotiation, and team-focused topics.


Available anytime and anywhere -
whether in online or offline mode.

Micro learning

Training material structured, adapted and prepared according to all the best practises of micro learning.


A community of motivated and aspiring like-minded people.


All the content is selected according to your personal needs and achievements.


Gamified content encourages you to complete tasks and collect achievements.


Expert materials come in convenient forms - from podcasts to webinars.


Targeted education in the emotional competencies you choose.


Training process monitoring and result analysis.


All the training materials are unique and specially created for EMOTIKA.

What is Emotika?

A revolutionary e-training ecosystem created by experts for the development of soft skills. Start making right decisions by learning to manage your states and reconciling rational and emotional. Being able to recognize your emotions and better understand states of others as well as behavioral motives will help you build harmonious and constructive relationships.

EMOTIKA team helps you build your EQ skills as well as create specialized content for your business.

EMOTIKA methodology is based on remote learning in the form of micro leaning by providing personalised content and feedback.

EMOTIKA programme is not only an eTrainer in your phone but also unique content on social media platforms, a network of our professional partners, who are our module authors, company and personal training as well as a constant learning experience.

EMOTIKA services: personal consulting, group training, video and audio as well as training content development.

EMOTIKA for business: wellness research, result analysis and action plan, group training sessions, strategy session arrangement and moderation, consulting in communication and management for organizational change, preparation of long-term training plan using EMOTIKA e-training app and other smart tech.

EMOTIKA community: an online and offline community of like minded individuals, who strive to grow and better themselves.

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Content creators

Darius Pietaris

Emotika lecturer, personal growth consultant, pioneer negotiation and sales training in Lithuania, who knows how to make success our daily habit.

Airina Nourian

Author of the module “What is burnout and how to recover?”, Emotika content and consultancy partner.

Jurgita Gaukštė

Author of the module “Value based life”, certified “Barrett Values Centre”, MBTI personality type consultant.

Saulius Alksnis

Author of the module “Untapped career opportunities and actions”, career consultant, mentorship ambassador and opportunity creator.

Laura Rimkutė

Author of the module “Stress management”, business psychologist, lecturer, partner and consultant at “Triple O Consulting”.

Lina Stankevičienė-Pietarė

Author of the module “How to successfully implement change through teamwork”, top executive and their team individual training expert, psychologist.

Dainius Peldžius

Author of the module “Manipulation in negotiation”, negotiation and sales management expert, researching and treating effectiveness of sales activities.

Vytautas Gaidamavičius

Author of the module “Team leadership”, team and organization relationship and emotion coach, consultant.

Povilas Petrauskas

Author of the module “How to build a stronger relationship with the team by listening to it?”, professional and certified trainer.

Laurynas Narbutas

Author of the module “Conflict resolution”, therapist and business consultant.