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Impact your organisation with effective soft skills training and effortless assessments

Why should you try it?

EMOTIKA is an effective and cost-efficient blended micro-learning platform to train self-development, leadership and management, sales, negotiation, and team-focused skills.


Mobile App so you can train and assess yourself on the go.

Micro learning

Personalized bite-size training on-demand and on the go, including community learning and access to trainers F2F.


A community of motivated and aspiring like-minded people.

A win for a Trainer, Client, and User


John is a manager who wants to grow but has found most of the tools ineffective. His busy schedule makes it difficult to spend long hours and even days in the training rooms and classrooms, but with Emotika Platform, he now can learn anytime and anywhere and apply the latest insights right away.
It helps him engage via a personalized training plan when he needs it at his own pace while having fun and getting instant feedback from his colleagues and trainers.
He can now access the best trainers’ best content on-demand and get valuable tips and ideas in few minutes.


Elizabeth is an HR professional in a large and geographically dispersed organization, concerned about a widening skills gap. On top of F2F learning, she invested a lot into a corporate LMS solution and even bought e-learning subscriptions, however employee engagement and impact are shallow. Emotika helps her effortlessly assess competencies and create personalized employee training plans that ensure high training impact and completion rates via the blended micro-learning platform. Participants say that continuous training on the go with Emotika Platform is far more meaningful and fun.
She can now achieve employees’ skills development goals within tight training budgets and doesn’t have to compromise. And easily track the progress.


Tom is a B2B soft skills trainer. For years he used to train teams, managers, and professionals F2F, then social distancing made him move most of the sessions online. He is getting used to the new normal and learned distance training skills, but he can improve. Emotika Platform allows him to easily convert his training into a blended micro-learning mobile format and work with groups and one-on-one along with everyone’s unique learning pace.
Tom realized that his clients can’t achieve a meaningful and significant impact with few training sessions a year. Emotika Platform allows him to achieve continuous training and development and boost the competencies.

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